Search and learn about your favorite places while engaging with locals in your college community.


College Rising Company is a technology information and educational media company that helps students save time and stress when looking for local places to live, learn or work near their college community. While you search to find your place in the community, you'll be connected to hundreds of locals' interests. We believe we can go further than ever imagined when we feel a deep connection to our community. 

We make it easy for people to search, connect and create engaging community content which is both relevant and practical. 

Plain and simple. We help acclimate people to their college community. Our application connects your search with a knowledgeable local who helps save you time and stress. 

Our Platform

Views, Not Reviews

Users search information which populates video requests to locals in a college area they search. Users become local members when they produce 45 second unbiased views of a space they have a shared interest to connect with

More Locals = A+ Experience 

Our platform is built on connecting you to locals in your area of search. You'll get a specified search, video and a locals non-biased view. Locals describe why they share your interest, how they would interact with the space and what they like/stands out. 

Creator Support

You'll learn a lot more about your college community engaging as a creator. Locals become creators when they develop sponsored content that saves people time and stress when searching for places to live, learn or work at. 

Search Togethersm

While in search you'll feel a sense of connection to locals who share your interests


Creators help drive our platform by creating content, connecting users and supporting questions. We invite you to experience your college community while also servicing other locals like you.

Creator Benefits

Discover Together. 

We want to connect our hunger for local content with whatever your passion allows us


We offer basic and premium sponsorship services which can automate your communications and enhance people's experiences with your staff, space, products & services.  

Sponsor Benefits