Our internships are unpaid and are 2 days a week for three months (90 days) or 3 days a week for two months (60 days). Internships may be eligible for class credit.

Event Coordinator Intern

College Rising hosts various events in which we partner with student organizations, local business or other affiliates. Our events are a key component as a way for students to hear about us and get in touch with us physically! A major event helps connect students to each other and the community on a personal level. An Event Coordinator is a natural leader and has had previous success in hosting events and happenings which bring many people together for a common purpose to both learn and have fun!

Media Planner Intern

Online is where most people first come in contact with College Rising before interacting with us. Its important that we show up on various social media platforms and media outlets to reach various market to grow connections both on and off campus! Media planners can expect to produce online content which helps drive business, connections and growth of the company!

Marketing intern

Most important is that College Rising has a consistent message which resonates well with our community. We need to make sure that our philosophies and vision is extended not only to our Rising Staff but also our clients and customers. Marketing interns can expect to work on branding and messaging which helps build on our already existing platform.

Recruiter Intern

Everyone should be having fun while working with College Rising. Recruiters are essential in hand picking the right people by creating connections with our affiliated partners we can reach those that are most interested in joining our Rising Staff. Recruiter interns can expect to both recruit and watch over everyone to make sure that we are learning cohesively while having fun along the way!