15 hr. Leasing Agents Course/30 hr. supervision

Our Leasing agent course is a total of 15 hours and is taken online. With the help of students we will make this course less boring and more interactive! While this class is primarily for those that want to become a real estate leasing agent it can also be used for those looking for their next apartment, sublet or just want to know more about real estate and how it may effect tenancy. Through June 30, 2019 we are sponsoring this course for FREE to any student who is looking to become a Resident Host. After course completion sponsored students take on a 30 hr. training supervision which consists of using the principles learned in the course. Students can expect to jump right into the world of leasing apartments!


  • Class: Costs of this course very from educational provider to another. Our cost is $175.00 for the course but this comes FREE if sponsored before June 30, 2019!

  • Test: State exam cost $46/attempt.

  • License: Leasing agent license cost $75.00.

After Completion of the 15 hr. class, 30 hr. supervision, testing and license you are ready to start making money as a leasing agent with College Rising!