College Rising historically started by a few college student neighbors getting together and starting a company that helped students connect to apartments and roommates. We currently provide all inclusive housing renting rooms as shared apartment spaces. Our housing is limited and typically only available during the summer months. We do not own or manage specific housing.

Fresh Outlook

Summer of 2018 we attempted a social way to connect housing by those searching already. Our theory was that if a student was already searching and passed up dozens housing than why should another student waste that exact same amount of time and effort into the apartment search? However, it was a little more complex and the training took too much time. We hope to gain more support with incentives in 2019 and build on what was created in 2018 to help connect more students and the community!


Hours of Operation

We are always here to answer your questions but because we are a seasonal business we may not be able to help on a case by case basis. We start promoting our company in march and typically start leasing as early as May. Contact us today at 773-257-3797 or email chris@collegerising.com