Resident Hosts

College Rising with a partnered affiliate Sponsors a students housing in exchange for a student to work an equivalent amount to connect students to students and the community.

Community Relationships: A Resident Hosts primary goal is a community builder, knowing residents in the community while helping them get to know each other. Network them, support them, teach them, laugh with them, cry with them, learn from them and grow with them. This is the Heart of College Rising.

Create and Nurture: We create local community and housing experiences which drive the connections of our community as a way to explore new ideas, interests and progress.

Promote & Recruit: College Rising is transforming from a seasonal housing business to a academic year long promoter of college areas which acts as a recruiter for housing, local community positions and first time student career positions.

This position is contracted through College Rising with the following compensation:

  • Resident Hosts are provided one single room space for the duration of appointment (space to be assigned based on a sponsoring affiliate and interview)

  • It is expected that a Resident Host live in their assigned space throughout the duration of the position and a minimum of 245 days of a year lease

  • It is expected that a Resident Host will sign a sponsored affiliates lease with College Rising as the primary financier and beneficiary.

  • Note: Average cost of housing varies so the amount of hours can also fit the type of housing. Expect to be assigned about 15-30 hrs/week while working on the above description.

  • Other Compensation: Bonuses may be given based on performance and progress. Bonuses may come in the form of money or credits which can be used for meals and entertainment in the community.

Day to Day Operations

  • Manage affiliate short term rental operations: Guest communication, check in/out and cleaning

  • Manage College Rising All-Inclusive Housing: Lead generation, appointment scheduling, roommate finding, apartment finding, apartment viewings, move in and follow ups

  • Manage Experiences: Lead generation, affiliate management and collaboration, experience creation, event promotion & sales, attendance and follow ups.

Path to becoming a Resident Host

  • Interview with College Rising

    • 20 Minute Conversation

    • Completion of Learning Experience

    • Apartment application & verification checks (sponsored by College Rising)

  • 15 hr. leasing agent course + 25 hr. Supervision OR equivalent licensed leasing agent

  • 60-90 day Internship OR equivalent Resident Assistant position with current or recently enrolled college

  • Affiliate interviews for sponsored housing

    • Determine working hours preferred as Resident Host (15-30 hr./week) based on year apartment rental

    • In person meetings with local affiliate (landlord, management company, local business)

    • Become a floater with Existing Resident Hosts OR straight to housing contract

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